We´re sure you´d all like to join us in sending our heartiest congratulations to our webmaster, the venerable Mr. Paul Morgan, and his lovely wife, Rachel, on the birth of their bouncing baby boy, Griffin Coooper, recently. Well done you two. There is a thread on our forum here at MWIS where you can stop by and add your own personal message for the Morgan family. We´d also like to let you know that Wayne will be interviewed live tomorrow (Fri. 21st) via telephone at midday by Andrew Collins on BBC Radio 6. We understand that Wayne will be announcing during the interview news of a new and, we think, exciting project he has recently embarked upon. And to that end there is another thread on the forum here on MWIS where Wayne has asked for your help´in suggesting songs by other artists that you´d like to hear him either record or perform live at one of his solo shows. Go on, add your own suggestion. And look out for Mark Gemini Thwaite on tour with Peter Murphy this summer in a town near you (full dates in a previous news story). Wear your Mission shirt and go along to the show and say hello to Mark, he always likes that and always finds time for a word with everyone! What a lovely boy!