So, we’ve been asked a few times who is gonna support the Blood Brothers at the Bristol Thekla on April 11th, 12th, and 13th next year. We’d thought we’d let you know now that all 200 of the season tickets have sold out. There are still a few single tickets left for all three shows but it looks like all 3 shows will be sold out pretty soon so if you fancy any of the nights then we’d suggest buying your tickets pronto, priced £12.50 per night you can purchase from here:

OK, the support for the Thekla shows. We don’t know if you know, and if you don’t then maybe you haven’t been paying attention, but The Mission are gonna be recording a new album next year. The band are spending time right now writing new songs and will convene to a rehearsal room near Bristol in early April to start working on these new songs together. Wayne Hussey has asked his good friend, Albie Mischzinger, the vocalist with the Blood Brothers, if it would be OK for them to support so they that can try out their new songs on an audience. The plans are still somewhat sketchy but we understand that the Mission set will entail glorified rehearsals with the band working on the new songs in front of an audience. The producer, Dave Allen, who has previously worked with Wayne on Dead Or Alive, TSOM, and The Mission albums and also counts The Cure and The Chameleons amongst his many many credits, will be in attendance overseeing the band rehearsals which will also be recorded and filmed in the event of something magical happening. The Mission set will be loose and informal, and unique, and you will witness a band at work in a crucial stage of putting together an album. We repeat, this will be a unique, and interactive, experience.

The Blood Brothers set, of course, will consist of songs you already know and love.