A New Album from Wayne!

AS IRMÃS SIAMESASAs you may or may not already know Wayne Hussey recently composed and recorded the music for AS IRMÃS SIAMESAS, an award winning Brazilian stage-play that is currently enjoying a two-month run at the Teatro Aliança Francesa in São Paulo. There are a strictly limited number of CD’s on-sale at the theatre at each performance. However, we here at MWIS have received a fair few requests from around the globe for the music to be made more widely available. We have acceded to demand and will make a CD available for a strictly limited time period.

From midnight on Wednesday 31st October (Halloween night) until midnight on Friday 30th November you will have the opportunity to order the CD. This version of the CD will be released by Eyes Wide Shut Recordings and will be numbered and signed by Wayne and James, and is expanded to 14 pieces of music that Wayne wrote for the play, some of which isn’t actually used in the stage production and not included on the CD already available at the theatre.

There is over an hour of music on the album – a perfect accompaniment for those gentle Sunday mornings whilst you read the papers or a favourite book, or a quiet evening curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and a loved one. As Wayne himself describes it, ‘it’s music that doesn’t strive for, nay demand, the attention of the listener’.

Wayne wrote the music over a two month period this past summer for a trio consisting of himself playing classical guitar, and piano and violin performed by James Bacon and David Milsom respectively. Produced by Wayne and James this release will never again be available on CD after midnight on November 30th. Whilst we can’t guarantee delivery by Christmas to all the four corners of the world, we will be sending out orders from December 1st, so they should reach most destinations before Santa does, thereby becoming a perfect stocking filler.

Not available anywhere else, in the shops or online, priced at £10 plus P&P this album is available to order from midnight on Wednesday 31st October exclusively from our shop. https://the-mission.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=40377

This is what Wayne had to say about the project in an earlier posting here on our FB page:
I’ve never made it a secret that I harbour ambition to compose and score for film. Sadly, for a myriad of reasons, I’ve never been presented with the opportunity to do so. So it was with open arms I recently accepted the invitation to write music for a stage play. “As Irmãs Siamesas” is a Brazilian play written by José Rubens Siqueira and this particular new version is directed by my good friend, Sébastien Brottet-Michel, a French actor who works with the world renowned Parisienne ‘Theatre De Soleil’. The fact that my wife, Cinthya, is one of the two actors in this two women play, the other being Nara Marques, is perhaps why I was offered the job. A little nepotism never hurt anybody.

The brief was…brief. After conversation with Sébastien we decided the music should be slow – none of the tempos are over 70 bpm – empty and open with lots of space, flexible, unsentimental; music that doesn’t dictate the way an audience should react and feel to the dialogue and action on stage, but interacts with the actors in an unobtrusive way.

We talked about the setting of the play as being timeless and placeless, rural rather than urban. I wanted to avoid using instruments that were modern, that required electricity, that would place it in a specific time. I thought about ageless acoustic instruments, such as a piano, a violin, and a classical acoustic guitar, that might be found in a lot of homes where the onus is on families entertaining themselves rather than by TV, radio, or, these days, the internet. These instruments became my exclusive sound palette for this project. Muted colours, if you want.

It’s been a great learning process, and discipline, for me as a musician to compose and make music that doesn’t strive for, nay demand, the listeners attention. In conjunction with the brilliant English pianist, James Bacon, and renowned violinist, David Milsom, we have fashioned a series of adagios that, whilst are a million light years away from the music I usually create, I am so very proud of.
The play, “As Irmãs Siamesas”, makes its São Paulo premiere on Friday 5th October at Teatro Aliança Francesa, Rua General Jardim, 182, Vila Buarque, and will then run every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings until Sunday 2nd December. Performance times are 20:30 on Fridays and Saturdays and 19:00 on Sundays. Tickets and more information are available in advance from: https://www.ingressorapido.com.br/event/9934/d/43737/s/218703

Pre-Order Link: https://the-mission.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=40377