During their extended convalescence, the members of The Mission decided to ask themselves, "if you were on that famous desert island, what 5 albums would you take, and why?" Le't's find out how they answered!


God, this is an almost impossible task, to choose just five albums that will be the only albums I’ll ever get to hear again. Personally, I’d smuggle my iPod or my iPhone onto the island, I’ve become quite adept at smuggling since I’ve been living in Brazil…….that may just get me into trouble that last statement. If you don’t hear from me for a while then you’ll know that they’ve come for me... Anyway, entering into the spirit of it all and spurning career spanning boxsets and multi-disc compilations I have whittled my many choices down to a paltry five. Here t’is.


There’s a difference between the music that influenced me as a musician and the records I play the most, although some things would fall into both categories. The records I'd choose for my desert island are something different again. In thinking about this I decided I'd probably prefer to have instrumental music (yeh, singers, who needs 'em, eh? I must wholeheartedly concur. - Ed.), and apart from the occasional vocal on an album track, that's what I've done here. I wondered about choosing some classical - for example I'd definitely want to have the Chopin Preludes, but I thought for the sake of this exercise I'd go with something a bit more contemporary. In no particular order…..




And here we are again in list world, isn't the interweb full of lists ? Let's add another.
Looking back on my previous choices there are quite a few I would like to have along forever, and a few I could easily live without [well, two of 'The Most Influential' definitely]. Had the list order arrived tother way around I may have chosen completely differently, such is life !!
I could really have gone the way Simon sort of suggested and picked quite a few instrumental albums but instead I have opted for a few sing-a-long types, then a couple that I don't speaky the language, so they are sort of instrumental to me.


I would find it hard to just have five records if I were lost on an island, as I have such a massive eclectic all-over-the-place taste in music. I feel there are so many artists I have missed out that could, or should be in here.... but it also very much depends on my ever changing mood! I guess I have been lost on the wonderful “desert Island” of Brazil due to the pandemic!! – Not five albums, instead I have a hard drive full of records AND the endless musical resource called the internet!
I have actually seemingly gone the opposite way to Simon - mine are all very much voice led choices!