Fields of the Nephilm join The Mission at Brixton!

As previously announced The Mission celebrate their 25th anniversary by reforming for a show at London’s Brixton O2 Academy on Saturday 22nd October and we are very pleased to be able to announce that joining us in the festivities for the evening will be very special guests, Fields Of The Nephilim. Also just confirmed for the opening slot are are Gene Loves Jezebel. The Mission’s vocalist Wayne Hussey says:

“So, when I was asked if I would like to play a London show celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Mission my immediate thought was how can I make this more memorable and more of an event than the four sold out Shepherd Bush shows we played back in early 2008? What, exactly, would our audience really like to see? My first thought was to try and persuade the original line-up of the band to get together again – so, with reluctant promises of no sex and no drugs and a treadmill on the tour bus I managed to persuade Craig Adams and Simon Hinkler to join me for the show. And we’ll only be playing songs from the albums we actually recorded together so it’ll be all the early ‘hits’ and more, and none of any of that recent bollocks and I promise, no new songs. If you want new songs then get yourself along to one of my solo shows next time I’m on tour.  Yeah, this Mission show, it’s gonna be all about nostalgia.

Then I turned my mind to the issue of who could I ask to join us that would elevate the evening from merely a wondrous celebratory occasion to one of complete nirvana for the average Mission fan. A band that our audience would love to see play with us. A band that has a history and musical legacy as rich as ours, a band that invokes a dedication and attracts zealots just as The Mission does. A band that mean’t something in 1986 when we started and still does today. A band that, amazingly, we’ve never ever shared a stage with before. Got it. Only one answer. Fields Of The Nephilim. Perfect.”

It promises to be a night never to forget and an exciting way to celebrate 25 years of The Mission with two of the very best British bands of that period and will be the hottest ticket of the season. And to commence the proceedings for the evening will be the venerable and evergreen Gene Loves Jezebel.