Hussey interviews Rhydian!

So, we all know that Rhydian has covered The Mission’s Tower Of Strength for his new album, Waves, now available. Anyway, Rhydian was kind enough to take some time out of his very busy promo schedule to answer some questions set for him by our very own Wayne Hussey.  Here’s how it went:


1. So, Rhydian, whose grand idea was it to cover the Mission’s Tower Of Strength? You seem too young to be a Mission fan from when we were around and having hits. Maybe you’ve got an older sister/brother who used to fancy me or something? Maybe your mum? Or was your dad an Eskimo? (Eskimo’s were a group of nutters, sorry, fans, that used to follow us around all over the globe and called themselves The Eskimo’s)

It was my idea! The Mission and yourself are legendary and TOS is a cracking song.

2. When did you first realise you were famous, what happened, and how did it make you feel?

I don’t think about it. All I realise now is that more people know who I am than  when I was at college studying! Fame is a beautiful thing…. It’s the purpose of life..apparently!!

3. Who’s the most famous person you’ve met so far? The most famous person you’ve kissed?

Probably the Queen.. Um.. Kylie or maybe Simon Cowell..( I had to kiss his arse constantly) preferred miss minogue though!

4. I spent some time in the Black Mountains which, apparently, is close to your home town writing for the ‘Children’ album which is where TOS first appeared. There’s also a song on the very same album called ‘Black Mountain Mist’. I used to find the Black Mountains very inspiring. Do you draw any inspiration from the mountains? Do you ever take hikes up into the hills there? It really is enchanting but you always need to take a packed lunch.

I love the black mountains! I climb them once a year at least. Fantastic views. You can actually see my family home from the top

5. Excuse my ignorance but I live in Brazil and have done so for almost 10 years now so I hadn’t heard of you until my manager told me that you’d covered TOS. Had you heard of me before? Did you ever see my historic appearance on the James Whale show?

Of course!

6. Do your fans ever get on your nerves? If not, wait, they will. (Just teasing, MWIS, don’t get yer knickers in a twist…for your reference, Rhydian, MWIS is our website and this is a reference to the people that frequent our forum not to get upset about my comment ‘cos some of them do lack a little bit of humour sometimes and I take great delight in rubbing them up the wrong way)

Only when they fight amongst themselves over petty little things and then try and get me involved. I’m just a singer not the Messiah! By and large they’re fabulous to me though

7. Whilst it’s taken us, The Mission, 20 odd years to sell more than 4 million copies of our records, you sold more than one million just on your first album alone. How does it feel to be a million seller?

You did it the hard way… I cheated!

8. Will you ever release your version of TOS as a single? Go on, I could do with the extra publishing income……And it would be nice to see it be a bona fide hit after all these years. I think we only reached No. 12 in the charts with TOS ourselves so if you could get it into the Top 10 I’d really appreciate it (there’s a nice all expenses paid holiday in Brazil in it for you). Are you rich yet ‘cos I’m not and I’ve been doing this for 30 odd years now?

Let’s collaborate and release it as a single then.. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil!

9. And lastly, will you be coming along to see us play at Brixton 02 Academy in Oct? Do you want a +1 on our guest list? Who will you bring? Will you come backstage and share a drop of wine with me? If we ply you with enough drink and drugs would you consider joining us onstage to sing TOS with me? (drink and drugs ARE optional)

Would love to if I can. What a lovely offer.

Thanks for your time, Rhydian, and in all seriousness, best of luck with your new album. And your version of TOS makes me dance around the kitchen with my wife….no higher recommendation can I give…….
Hopefully see you in Oct…..