MGT guests at XXV show & Rhydian covers TOS!!

OK, hope you are all good. We have a few little pieces of news to tell you about!

Mark GT to appear at XXV shows!

Firstly, we are very pleased to be able to confirm that Mark Gemini Thwaite, the guitarist with the Mission from 1992 until 2002 and then again from 2005 until the ‘final’ shows in 2008, will be making a guest appearance for a few songs at both the Mission’s 25th anniversary Brixton and Leeds shows in October. Mark, who has actually played in The Mission longer than any other musician apart from Wayne, has recently been touring as guitarist in Peter Murphy’s band.

Other news is that there are now less than 200 tickets left for the 22nd October show at Brixton 02 Academy so if you are planning on attending but haven’t yet bought your ticket then we advise you to hurry up before it’s sold out. The venue holds 4921 when full so this promises to be a hot steamy night. Leeds 02 Acedemy on 28th Oct is also selling very well and will also be sold out so, again, we advise you to purchase your tickets soon if you are planning to attend.

X-Factor Star covers Tower of Strength

And lastly, and certainly not least, is the news that Rhydian has recorded a version of the band’s ‘Tower Of Strength’ for his next album ‘Waves’ which is being released in the UK on August 1st. Rhydian, who originally came to fame in the UK via the tv show ‘X-Factor’, sold over 1 million copies of his last album.

Upon hearing the track Wayne Hussey said, ‘For once I am speechless. I have no idea who Rhydian is as I live in Brazil and have done for almost 10 years now and whilst I listen to the Mark Radcliffe show on BBC Radio 6 via the internet I have never heard him play Rhydian. But that means bugger all. Radcliffe can be as obscure as I currently am. I’m flattered that Rhydian recognises ‘Tower Of Strength’ for being the great song I’ve always felt it was to the extent of covering it for his next album. Having never heard his sonorous voice before I can truthfully say I am gobsmacked and feel that his version captures the true essence of the song which to me has always been celebratory and joyous, and not the pompous goth dirge that many perceive the Mission and ‘Tower Of Strength’ to be. Kudos to the man and I look forward to shaking his hand and thanking him for the publishing check!

And there is now speculation that Rhydian could make a surprise appearance with the band at their Brixton show in October. More on that as and when we hear.