Bbc Radio 6 Disqualifies The Mission

Further to our news posting of a few days ago asking you to vote for The Mission in the BBC Radio 6 ‘Cover Lovers’, it seems that many of you have done so and caused a little bit of a stir over at the Beeb. To the extent that the powers that be smelled a […]


Vote For The Mission

Well, we’ve noticed on the MWIS forum that some of you have been voting for The Mission in a BBC Radio 6 poll called ‘Cover Lovers’ . This is the top 40 best covers as voted by Radio 6 listeners and will be aired on January 27th and although there is a list of suggestions […]


Happy Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year again so I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish you a very happy christmas and, just as we’re hoping for ourselves, a fantastic 2007……..and I hope to see you someplace, sometime, this coming year…..2007 also sees the 21st anniversary of the inception of The Mission and the release […]


Single, Album, Tour, Simon

Friday 1st December……..Today has been a big day for me……..We finally wrapped up recording on the new Mission album and we start mixing tomorrow……..young Greg Freeman, who was our engineer whilst we were at Nam, near Bath, in September recording the basic tracks, is flying over to Brazil from the UK as I type……….Not that […]


250505 Interview #4 – Wayne

The last in the current "250505" interviews is now available, where Wayne discusses more about the album and things to comeTo view, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab-gOa2HfTs


Mission / A Life Less Lived

Check out Rhino records release A Life Less Lived  – three audio CDs which contain 53 essential Goth tracks, including Bauhaus, The Sisters Of Mercy, Virgin Prunes, AFI, and many more. The DVD features 12 music videos including the ‘Deliverance’ promo video by The Mission UK, also videos from The Cure, The Jesus And Mary […]


Wayne Gets Agressiva

We know it has been previously mentioned on the MWIS forum but we can confirm that Wayne did indeed contribute a lyric and a vocal to a track called ‘In Your Eyes’ on a recently released album, by EMI Poland, entitled ‘In’ by Polish band Agressiva 69.  For more info:  http://www.agressiva69.com


250505 Interview #3

The penultimate video interview is with Ritchie Vernon, taken during the recording of the new Mission album.To view the video, visit the YouTube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4o0HoJ12EU


250505 Interview #2

Continuing from the previous interview with Steve, you can now view the interview Paul did with Mark.This is available on YouTube – click here to view. You may want to watch this video more than once….


One Thing …

Following the publication of the Wayne Hussey D-Side Magazine interview, a copy of that interview is now available – read it via this link : http://themissionuk.com/display_xml.asp?xml=wayne-dsidesept06Additionally, Wayne recorded a solo track "One Thing Leads To Another" – to listen to this wonderful track, click on the "Play" graphic in the toolbar of the MWIS website, […]

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