Wayne Gets Agressiva

We know it has been previously mentioned on the MWIS forum but we can confirm that Wayne did indeed contribute a lyric and a vocal to a track called ‘In Your Eyes’ on a recently released album, by EMI Poland, entitled ‘In’ by Polish band Agressiva 69.  For more info:  http://www.agressiva69.com


250505 Interview #3

The penultimate video interview is with Ritchie Vernon, taken during the recording of the new Mission album.To view the video, visit the YouTube link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4o0HoJ12EU


250505 Interview #2

Continuing from the previous interview with Steve, you can now view the interview Paul did with Mark.This is available on YouTube – click here to view. You may want to watch this video more than once….


One Thing …

Following the publication of the Wayne Hussey D-Side Magazine interview, a copy of that interview is now available – read it via this link : http://themissionuk.com/display_xml.asp?xml=wayne-dsidesept06Additionally, Wayne recorded a solo track "One Thing Leads To Another" – to listen to this wonderful track, click on the "Play" graphic in the toolbar of the MWIS website, […]


250505 Interview #1

Continuing from the recently published pictures of the band recording in the studio, Paul interviewed Wayne, Mark, Ritch and Steve, resulting in a four part interview with additional footage behind the scenes. The first interview available is with Steve, with the other interviews following in the coming weeks.The video is available from 2 download locations – please post any […]


250505 Studio Pix

I was lucky enough to visit the band during the recording of “250505” – the current working title for the forthcoming Mission album, due for release in 2007.Walking into the recording studio, you could not help but notice the vibe in the room – everyone full of enthusiasm and fired up, the speakers belting out […]


Mission Myspace

The band now have a "MySpace" area – view the site at http://www.myspace.com/themissionuk


Hussey Camden Show Cancelled

Wayne Hussey’s previously announced London Electric Ballroom show scheduled for Sunday 27th August has unfortunetly been cancelled. Wayne is still waiting to hear the ‘offical’ reasons why from the Festival organisers. Wayne apologises for any and all inconveniences caused but stresses that this decision is completely out of his control.All his other scheduled shows are […]


Fos Website Up & Running

We have received notification from the organisers that the Festrival of Shadows website is now up and running. The Festival Of Shadows takes place on Sunday 27th August in Camden, London, and culminates in a solo performance by Wayne Hussey at the Electric Ballroom.  <www.festivalofshadows.com>


Getting Moist?

"It’s been a while since we mentioned anything about the new Mission album so we thought we’d update you on how things are going! The album itself has a working title of "Moist", which is subject to change of course, and the band have around 20 tracks in various stages of completion. Some of the […]