The Ungodly Hour is now available!

So, today marks the digital release of ‘The Ungodly Hour’ by Marcus Birro and The Pornographic Angels. This is an album that Wayne recorded with Marcus and Mats Lerneby during a very creative week in Sweden last year. There are 13 tracks on the album, all music written by Wayne apart from one track that […]


News update from Wayne!

So……I’ve been asked by George, my boss, or at least he thinks he is, to give you an update as to where we are and what we’re doing……….as if you’ll be interested…… We started rehearsals on April 1st at our usual place just outside of Bradford-On-Avon (near Bath) and spent 10 days choosing and learning […]


The Mission sign with Oblivion/SPV for Europe

SPV are proud to announce the renewal of their contract with UK legends The Mission. Keeping busy with a worldwide tour in 2013, The Mission have sold over 4 million albums worldwide and just celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band in 2011. Presently, the band is recording their 12th studio album in a secluded residential studio in the heart of the UK. David […]


The Mission Sign to The End Records – New Album Due Sept 2013

The End Records are proud to announce the addition of UK legends The Mission UK to their roster. Keeping busy with a North American tour in 2013, The Mission UK have sold over 4 million albums worldwide and just celebrated their 25th anniversary as a band in 2011. Presently, the band are rehearsing to prepare for their 12th studio album before […]


Update from Wayne

As you haven’t heard from me from personally for a while I thought I’d write and let you know what I’ve been doing and what we’re up to. The last thing we did together as a band was back in September when we played a handful of UK shows with The Cult. Remember? Since then […]


Wayne Sold Out!

As predicted, tickets for Wayne’s solo show at SESC Consolacao, Sao Paulo, on Sunday 17th March, has sold out in less than a day! For those lucky enough to get tickets, see you there! Picture by kind permission of Edi Fortini. [Translate]


Wayne’s Solo Show – SESC Tickets

Just a reminder for our friends in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that the tickets for Wayne’s upcoming solo show at SESC Consolacao go on sale tomorrow (Friday 1st) at 2pm! Wayne’s last show in Sao Paulo sold out in less than an hour and even though the venue for the show on Sunday 17th March has […]


Wayne confirms Sao Paulo SESC show!

We previously forewarned you that it was going to happen but now we can confirm that Wayne Hussey will play a solo show at SESC Consolacao in Sao Paulo on Sunday 17th March. The show will start at 6pm. Tickets go on sale on Friday 1st March at 2pm! Wayne’s last solo show in Sao […]

Another Fall From Grace 2017 Tour

Check out the dates for 2017, including the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece & the Netherlands

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