From Wayne: So I guess it’s been no secret that we, The Mission, have been working on a new album for the last few months. But what we have neglected to tell you is that we are working again with Tim Palmer, who produced our God’s Own Medicine and Carved In Sand albums and is producing this new one.
I have to say that although thus far we’ve only been sending audio files back & forth and speaking via Skype & WhatsApp it’s been brilliant to have Tim on board again and getting his input on the songs as we write & arrange them. Tim gets us. He understands us but brings his own unique viewpoint to our table. With Tim I know we are in safe hands. And I know I will always get honesty from Tim which is crucial when you’re working so intensely together and in such close emotional proximity.
We already have 10 songs mostly written and recorded but my hope is for a couple more that will give us choices when we come to choose what makes it onto the album. Without giving too much away I think with this album it’s been a case of looking back and becoming comfortable with certain aspects of my past that has enabled me to move forward. I AM playing a lot more guitar than the last couple of albums which is another thing that I’ve gotten comfortable with again. For too long I had been thinking of myself as a singer that played guitar and not thinking of myself as a guitar player and delegating that responsibility to others. Tim is one of those that has encouraged that in me again as has George, Simon, Craig, and Mike and various others.
Anyway, I am told by the powers that be that we hope to be able to announce very soon details of how you can pre-order the album along with various other goodies pertaining to it’s release. It is our 30th anniversary after all…….
P.S. Remind me sometime to tell you the story about Tim ALMOST getting up to play guitar with us at Champagnes in Horsham back in the late 80’s. Or better still, we’ll get Tim to regale us with the tale…….somehow it’s funnier coming from him…….something for later.
P.P.S. And also remind us to tell you about the special ‘de-gother box’ that Tim had built whilst making our 1st album and which he went onto use on several other albums of note.

And a message from Tim Palmer:
I first met Wayne Hussey when he was the guitarist in Dead or Alive and I was the engineer on their first album ‘Sophisticated Boom Boom’ We got along really well and shared similar musical tastes and influences.
Later, after Wayne did his stint in the Sisters of Mercy with Craig Adams, he reached out to me to work with him on his new band venture The Mission This was a fabulous opportunity for me as I really wanted to move away from some of the pop music I had been producing, and get into working with guitar bands. We made ‘Gods own Medicine’ in 1986 and ‘Carved in Sand’ in 1989 . I always loved working with the band as they made me feel part of the group during the times we worked together. I enjoyed the music very much and I found their approach to the production very rewarding. These albums were and still are special to me and they opened the door to many opportunities with other artists. Both, HIM, Reeves Gabrels from David Bowie’s Tin Machine and even Pearl Jam were aware of The Mission and the albums we made. So here we are 30 years later and I am very happy to report that we are making a new record together, and the best part is that the band are sounding great. I am really happy with the new songs and I feel that the ‘Mish’ fans are going to really love this record. Excited to be apart of this smile emoticon
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Photo of Wayne & Tim (with engineer Chris Sheldon) in Jacob’s Studios, summer 1989, working on Carved In Sand. Smoking in the studio!