Wayne & Tim working together during "Carved"

Wayne & Tim working together during “Carved”

From Wayne: I’m sat in my hotel room in Austin having just completed my first day of work here with Tim Palmer. I haven’t seen Tim for maybe a good 10 years or so but it’s like no time at all has passed and we are so immediately comfortable working with each other again.

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I think this album is shaping up to be monstrous, an album that you will love. It has all the swagger and bombast of the Mission of old. Great tunes and some great guest performances! I’ve managed to persuade a few of my old mates to lend their vocal talents to this album. Guess who? In many ways this album, I think, is the lost link between TSOM FALAA and our very God’s Own Medicine – just 30 years late. I have rekindled my love for the guitar, electric 12 string particularly, after many years of ambivalence between us.
I do have a title for the album but I’m not gonna tell you yet. All I will say is that the first word is ‘Another…….’
I wonder if any of you can guess the rest……(and Bernardo and the two Grahams are disqualified from answering this question……)
So, complete this title……’Another……’ (in the comments below)